Thermal insulation jackets for euro-pallets

Thermal insulation jackets for euro-pallets: taking care of thermosensitive goods

Thermal insulation jackets for pallets are used within transportation of temperature-sensitive goods (food, drinks etc.). They reduce environmental impact onto goods and support the quality of package goods for a long period. Therefore the thermal insulation jackets protect against temperature losses or thawing and offer an effective alternative of refrigerated trucks.

Qualities and advantages of thermal insulation jackets:

• Ready for use in temperature range from -60 °C to + 80 °C
• 3-layers: inner coat (water- and abrasion-resistant nylon fabric)- filling layer (ecological fabrics based on polyether)- outer coat (water- and abrasion-resistant nylon fabric).
• Special construction with thermo pads made of thermal insulating materials ensures the qualitative long-term insulation
• Lightweight and washable: if the cleaning of thermal insulation jacket is needed, it can be washed with clear water or with addition of detergents. Useable once the cleaned thermal jacket is dry
• Simple handling: opened and closed with velcro fasteners
• Transportation of the goods with different temperature sensitivity at the same time or their joint storage is possible
• Reusable
• Suitable for different kinds of pallets and  trolleys: customized and space-saving construction
• Customer-oriented solutions due to a wide range of materials
• Easy storage: if the using of thermal insulation jacket is no longer required, it can be folded without any problems
• Long-term durability: safe and robust materials with high tear resistance

Application area of thermal insulation jackets:

• Trade: transportation of foodstuff to the retail outlets/appropriate  storage of goods for mobile selling points

3,3 GW of capacity provided by our equipment
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