Steam and gas discharge silencers

Steam and natural gas silencers

Noise produced during gas or steam discharge causes non-stationary aerodynamic processes in high-speed areas of working medium flow. In case silencers are absent, two areas of high speed can be distinguished. One is located just behind the discharge valve where the turbulent flow is formed; due to limited diameter of the discharge tube, pressure in the area behind the discharge valve remains higher than the atmospheric pressure, and final extension of the working medium takes place in the free jet behind the pipeline’s outlet section, which is the other area of noise generation.
Therefore, when designing standard operation scheme of steam and gas discharge silencers, two basic functions are performed: maximum noise suppression thanks to providing low-noise and low-speed flow throttling, and isolation of noise generated in the flow control area.
Modern steam and gas discharge silencers should consist of two basic units – throttle unit and acoustic absorption unit. The latter, located along the downward path of the jet, keep noise parameters within the needed range.
Thus, total calculation of silencers system should include acoustic and aerodynamic parameters of pipeline discharge of noise into the atmosphere as well as step-by-step calculation for the noise suppressor consisting of throttle and acoustic absorption units.

Gas turbine silencers

During operation of gas outlet pipes and draught equipment of thermal power stations, noises are formed which exert negative influence on staff and residents of areas located nearby.

Of all types of energy equipment, gas turbine units produce the biggest amounts of noise. When operating gas turbine units, sanitary norms of noise level between 55 dB are often not complied with. Noise during operation of such units is produced due to combustion of fuel in fire chambers, due to high speed of gases passing through the wheel space, as well as due to flow turbulence on exit.

Other noise sources at thermal power plants include gas and air pipes, draught equipment and air inlets of forced-draught fans.
As a regular supplier of silencers, Powerz offers complex solutions for decreasing noise levels at energy sites.


  • Decrease of noise level of exhaust combustion gases of gas turbine units as well as level of noise produced during boiler and draught equipment operation
  • Installed at thermal power stations and sites
  • Decrease of noise emissions into the environment, which is especially important for sites located near the residential areas


  • Temperature-resistant
  • Non-standard dimensions
  • Manufactured from temperature-resistant sound-proof materials


  • Cross-section type: round and rectangular
  • Ambient temperature: up to 650 °С
  • Dimensions: up to 10 000 mm
  • Frame and cartridge materials: stainless steel

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  • Designing standard and non-standard silencers
  • Aerodynamic and acoustic calculations
  • Assembly/disassembly of silencers
  • Warranty and post-warranty maintenance

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