A project for fabric expansion joints supply is implemented to a large metallurgical enterprise in Europe


Due to long-lasting partnership with the customer, Powerz has closed a contract for 36 fabric expansion joints supply. This project has been prepared since 2020, but due to the pandemic, implementation had to be suspended.

At the moment, 36 fabric expansion joints DN from 720 mm to 920 mm, section from 1200 x 1200 mm to 9200 mm x 950 mm have been designed and manufactured. The expansion joints with 100% gas tightness are designed to operate in media: clean air, dusty gas, at temperatures from 75 to 700 °C. The first expansion joint for installation in the boiler convection pass has already been delivered to the customer's warehouse. The rest of the batch for installation in primary and tertiary air ducts, in exhaust fans, as well as expansion joints for the boiler ceiling wall are on the waiting list for shipment at the end of June.

Due to their high temperature resistance and tightness, fabric expansion joints, which compensate displacements, vibrations and temperature changes in pipeline connections, will allow smooth operation of the enterprise equipment for a long time.

The most modern and long-life materials are used in production. The effectiveness of compensation products is confirmed by certificates and lots of implemented projects in Europe.

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