Guillotine dampers

Shut-off guillotine dampers are designed to shut off the individual sections of gas and air ducts. The guillotine damper consists of a body bearing a frame construction with actuator mounted above. Driven by the actuator powered feed-screw, the guillotine blade slides along the guiding ways within the body and the frame construction of the damper. The damper body is fitted with the limit switches which signal the extreme open-closed positions. A scale with an arrow helps to check the blade position by sight. Depending on medium temperature, such dampers are offered in the following design versions:
- made of carbon steel for medium temperature up to 425 °C
- made of stainless steel for medium temperature from 585°С to 610°С
- made of special stainless steel for medium temperature from 610°С to 900°С

The guillotine dampers can also be made of aggressive media resistant materials. The guillotine dampers are available within size range from DN 100 mm to DN 2500 mm. The dampers bodies are of welded design. Since guillotine blade is manufactured by cutting out from a solid plate by the laser, so the blade deformations in the process of manufacturing are minimal. Mechanically treated fitting areas allow the blade to fit tightly all over the plane. The damper's operation of cutting off the working medium consists in shutting off the dust duct’s flow section by means of a blade. The gas-tightness of closed damper is ensured by tight fitting of the blade’s perimeter to the seal packing of the damper’s body. For the ease of maintenance, the hatches are provided in the body of the damper.

All pilofacturing holes of the dampers are sealed with the packing glands and the gaskets. The damper opening / closing process is monitored by means of the endpoint current sensors which are installed in the actuator and connected to the automatic control system. A scale with an arrow is also available. The dampers are supplied complete with counter flanges so they can either be welded to the gas duct, or be fixed by the bolted connection.

The above stated damper arrangement along with the use of high-quality materials guarantee the high serviceability of the dampers and provide a long operating time, as well as a long time between repairs.

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