Project realization: lens expansion joints for energy branch

Cooperation with energy enterprises is one of the most important priorities in the work of Powerz company’s specialists. The latest project in this range was the shipment of a large batch of lens compensators for one of the European energy enterprises. Compensators are fully supplied in accordance with the contract and delivered on time to the buyer’s warehouse. All products are successfully accepted and mounted on the site.

The Powerz lens compensators are designed to compensate for axial or angular movements of the pipeline; operate in non-aggressive or slightly aggressive media. Widely used in the following enterprises: power industry, in the oil and gas industry, metallurgy, public services, construction.

There is a state-of-the-art equipment, which allows to produce high-quality formation of lenses, as well as modern welding equipment in the range of the company. Our production processes are based on the model of the best world standards. All products meet high quality standards. Certified welding equipment provides a reliable and tight lens joint. Material for making lenses is selected depending on what the operating conditions are. All manufactured lens compensators necessarily pass the test for strength, tightness, tension, and compression. As a result, our lens-type compensators serve for a long time, even at high operating loads.

The Powerz company offers unique technical solutions that have no equals in any country of the world.

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