Supply of Powerz dampers to metallurgical plants

Powerz executed two large orders for the supply of butterfly dampers for two metallurgical plants.

The implementation of one of the projects took two months. During this short period 38 rectangular louver dampers of different size range from 600 × 1,300 to 3,500 × 2,000 mm, with an allowable operating temperature of up to 400 °C were designed and manufactured. The Powerz dampers will perform tripping function of air flows on the gas-air duct system. The equipment with the total weight of 15 tons was successfully delivered to the customer by heavy trucks and sea transport.

Six rectangular control louver dampers with electric drive of 3,500 × 1,750 mm and 2,000 × 2,800 mm in size, were manufactured for the second customer in an even shorter time, in one month. The equipment has already been delivered to the customer and successfully installed in the blast-furnace shop on the aspiration system.

High gas tightness and prompt production were the main requirements of the customers, with which the Powerz team successfully coped thanks to the well-coordinated work. High dampers tightness is achieved due to the bent design of the flaps, cutting of metal on which is carried out on a high-precision laser. Due to this, when flaps are fully closed, the dampers are not less than 98% tight.

In cooperation with the largest energy and iron and steel enterprises, Powerz has proved again that its high-tech equipment is of high quality and reliability.

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